Food Handlers Card Washington

A Food Handlers Card in Washington is a card issued by the state health department that certifies an individual has completed an approved food safety training program. The card must be obtained within 14 days of first performing duties as a food worker, and it must be renewed every 3 years. To obtain the card, individuals must complete an accredited course, such as ServSafe or Prometric to earn their certification.

After completing the course, they will receive a certificate proving they have taken and passed the exam and are now eligible for a Food Handler’s Card from their local health department. In addition to taking the exam, applicants may also need to pass background checks before being granted access to work with food products.

A Food Handlers Card Washington is an important certification for anyone who works in the food service industry. It is a requirement to ensure that those working with food have a basic knowledge of proper hygiene and safety practices to prevent foodborne illness. This card provides proof for employers that their employees have been trained in safe food handling techniques and are aware of public health regulations, thereby helping protect consumers from potential illnesses caused by contaminated food.

Obtaining this credential requires completing an accredited training program and passing an examination; once obtained, the card must be renewed every three years.

Where Do I Get a Food Handlers Card in Washington State?

If you are looking for a food handler’s card in the state of Washington, you have come to the right place. In order to work in any restaurant or other food service industry job in Washington State, it is required that all employees possess a valid Food Handler Card. This card provides proof of completion of an approved food safety training program and indicates that the holder has acquired important information about safe handling of food.

The good news is that getting your Food Handler Card in Washington is easy and convenient! You can obtain your card quickly online at one of several approved providers, including, Learn2Serve/,, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) ServSafe Program and – they offer free test preparation materials so you can study up before taking your exam! Once you’ve completed the course and passed the test – congratulations!

Your Food Handler Card will be issued immediately upon successful completion from any one of these providers listed above – no need to wait around for it to arrive by mail!

How Much is a Food Handlers Card in Washington?

In the state of Washington, anyone working in a restaurant or other food service establishment is required to obtain a Food Handlers Card. The card is issued by the Washington State Department of Health and requires that individuals pass an exam, which covers important topics such as safe food handling practices, personal hygiene requirements, cross-contamination prevention and proper temperature control for hot and cold foods. The cost of obtaining your Food Handlers Card in Washington depends on whether you take the online course or attend a classroom session.

For those who choose to take the online course, it costs $10 per person. If you opt for a classroom session instead, then it will cost between $15-$20 depending upon where you are taking the class from. Upon successful completion of either option, your valid Food Handlers Card will be emailed directly to you within 24 hours.

How Long is the Washington State Food Handlers Card?

Washington State food handlers card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. It must be obtained by anyone who works with unpackaged foods, beverages, or utensils in a public-facing restaurant or other establishment. The card demonstrates an individual’s understanding of basic food safety principles and meets state requirements for training staff on food safety practices.

The Washington State Department of Health requires that all employees working in establishments where food is served must have a valid Food Worker Card before they begin work, and it must be renewed every three years to remain active. To obtain this certification you can take an online course approved by the health department which covers topics such as how to prevent contamination, proper handwashing techniques, safe storage temperatures for various foods and ingredients, preparing hazardous materials safely and more. After successful completion of the course you will receive your official Washington State Food Handler Card!

How Do I Get a Copy of My Washington State Food Handlers Card?

Getting a copy of your Washington state food handlers card is relatively straightforward. First, you must be employed in the food service industry to obtain a copy. To do so, contact your local health department and request an application for the Food Worker Card Program.

This program requires that you take and pass an approved food safety training course which covers topics such as safe food handling practices, preventing cross-contamination, proper hand washing techniques, and more. After completing the course and passing the exam with a score of at least 70%, you will receive a wallet-sized card (usually within 1–2 weeks) indicating successful completion of the program. You can then use this card as proof that you have been trained in basic food safety principles when applying for or renewing jobs in restaurants or other establishments where food is prepared or served to customers.

If ever needed again in future years, simply contact your local health department once again to get another copy sent out to you!

Food Handlers Card Washington


Food Worker Card

A Food Worker Card is a valid food safety certification that is required for all employees working in the food service industry. This card verifies that an individual has been trained and tested on the safe handling of food, as well as other sanitation and hygiene practices. It also serves to protect customers from potential contamination or health risks associated with improper handling of food by untrained personnel.

Obtaining a Food Worker Card is often a requirement for employment in many states, so it’s important for anyone wishing to work in the restaurant business to make sure they have one before applying for jobs.

Washington State Food Handlers Card Login

If you need to access your Washington State Food Handlers Card, you can do so by logging in at Once there, simply enter the username and password associated with your account and click “Login”. After successfully logging in, you will be able to view your card details such as expiration date and current status of the card.

You may also renew or reprint your existing card if needed.

Reprint Food Handlers Card

If you are a food service worker, it is important that you have a valid Food Handlers Card. This card certifies that the card holder has completed all necessary training to safely handle and prepare food in an approved manner. If your Food Handlers Card has expired or been lost, you can easily apply for a reprint of your current card online or at your local health department office.

A fee may be required to obtain a reprint of the card, but this cost is usually minimal compared to the benefit of having proof that you are certified in safe food handling practices.


In conclusion, the Washington Food Handlers Card is an important document for food service workers in the state of Washington. It provides assurance that all food handlers have received a minimum level of training and possess knowledge about safe food handling practices. Compliance with the requirements of this card can help protect customers from becoming ill due to improper handling and storage of food items.

It also ensures that all personnel involved in preparing, serving, or selling foods are knowledgeable and responsible when it comes to keeping the public healthy and safe from potentially dangerous ingredients or unsanitary conditions.

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