Olympia Food Co Op

The Olympia Food Co-Op is a local grocery store located in downtown Olympia, Washington. Established in 1975, the co-op provides its members with organic and natural products at competitive prices. It shares common ownership among its members who democratically govern it through an elected board of directors.

The co-op works to build a sustainable and just food system by collaborating with farmers and producers to source local products whenever possible. Its commitment to social responsibility includes offering educational opportunities, providing discounts for low-income households, hiring from diverse communities, and reducing waste as much as possible. The Olympia Food Co Op also sells bulk items to reduce packaging waste while providing healthy food options for all their customers.

The Olympia Food Co Op offers a wide variety of organic, natural and sustainable food products to meet all your grocery needs. They offer a large selection of local produce, bulk foods, fresh baked goods, dairy and non-dairy products, vitamins and supplements, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and more! Their friendly staff is always available to help with any questions you may have while shopping for the healthiest options.

Supporting small businesses in your community has never been easier than at the Olympia Food Co Op!


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What is the Olympia Food Co Op

The Olympia Food Co-Op is a community-owned grocery store located in the heart of downtown Olympia, Washington. Founded in 1976 by a group of local activists and volunteers, the Co-Op has grown to become one of the largest cooperatives in the United States. The Co-op provides access to fresh produce, meats, cheeses, bulk foods and other natural food items from local farms and producers throughout Thurston County.

As an added bonus for shoppers, members receive discounts on many products throughout the store. In addition to providing quality groceries to its customers at reasonable prices, the Olympia Food Co-Op also offers educational classes and workshops related to healthful eating habits and sustainable living practices. Through these classes and events they strive to inspire people towards healthier lifestyles while supporting their local economy through buying locally sourced goods whenever possible.

By joining as an owner or shopper with this cooperative you are contributing not only your money but also your time towards creating a strong community that cares about healthy eating choices!

The Olympia Food Co-Op is a Community Owned, Full Service Grocery Store Located in Downtown Olympia, Washington

The Olympia Food Co-op is a unique and invaluable asset to the community of Olympia, Washington. Located in downtown Olympia, this full service grocery store is owned by its members and provides fresh local produce, natural and organic products, bulk foods, dairy items, meat and seafood selections as well as health & beauty aids. The Co-op’s mission is to promote healthy eating habits through providing access to affordable whole food options while supporting the local economy by buying from local farmers whenever possible.

With an emphasis on quality products that are sustainably sourced at reasonable prices for all shoppers, the Co-op promises an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone who walks through their doors. Not only does being a member of the co-op provide exclusive discounts in store but members can also participate in numerous social activities such as potlucks or volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for your weekly groceries or just want to connect with other people passionate about sustainability; The Olympia Food Co-Op has something special to offer every single person who visits!

We Offer Fresh And Organic Products at Competitive Prices for Our Members And Shoppers Alike

At our store, we are committed to offering the highest quality organic products available at competitive prices. Our team of experts selects only the freshest ingredients from local producers to ensure that you have access to the best tasting and healthiest foods possible. All of our products are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and pesticides.

We strive to keep our prices low while still providing top-notch quality so that all members and shoppers can enjoy an affordable shopping experience without sacrificing on taste or nutrition. Additionally, we offer a variety of promotions throughout the year in order to help make healthy eating even more accessible for everyone. Whether you’re looking for produce for your family dinner or just need some snacks to get through the week, we guarantee you will find something delicious and nutritious among our selection!


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How Do I Become a Member of the Olympia Food Co Op

Becoming a member of the Olympia Food Co Op is easy and rewarding! To become a member, you’ll first need to purchase an initial share in the co-op. This one-time fee will give you access to all of the benefits that come with being a part of this amazing organization.

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll receive an official membership card which grants you access to all special discounts and exclusive deals on products throughout the store. Additionally, members are encouraged to take part in store meetings and events held by Olympia Food Co Op as well as helping out with various tasks around the shop. Becoming a member means joining our collective effort in promoting healthier eating options while supporting local farmers and producers from our community.

So go ahead – join us today and help make your neighborhood even better!

Becoming a Member of the Co-Op Requires an Initial Investment of $200 Or More in Exchange for Owner Privileges Such As Discounts on Certain Items, Voting Rights, Exclusive Access to Special Events/Sales, And Other Benefits Associated With Ownership

Joining the co-op is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get more out of their shopping experience. Not only does it require an initial investment of $200 or more, but members are also rewarded with owner privileges such as discounts on certain items, voting rights, exclusive access to special events/sales, and other benefits associated with ownership. These privileges can range from being able to purchase hard-to-find products to participating in exciting promotions and programs that the co-op offers.

Furthermore, by becoming part of the larger community you will be helping support local businesses while having a say in how your money is spent. So if you’re interested in getting involved with your local store and reaping all these great rewards at the same time – becoming a member of the co-op might just be for you!

You Can Join Online Or Visit Us in Person! Q

How can I join your organization? A. Joining our organization is easy and convenient! You have two options: you can join us online or visit us in person.

If you choose to go the online route, simply head over to our website and fill out the registration form with all of your necessary information. After submitting the form, one of our team members will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more personal touch, feel free to come down to one of our branches located around town and meet with a staff member face-to-face who will help you complete the process onsite.

Whichever option works best for you, we’ll be here ready to welcome you into our community!

What Types of Products Does the Olympia Foods Co Op Sell

The Olympia Foods Co Op is a great place to shop for all of your grocery needs. They offer an incredible selection of products, ranging from fresh produce and meats to pantry staples like rice, beans, and grains. In addition to these basic goods, the Co Op also stocks specialty items such as fair trade coffee and tea, organic spices and seasonings, gluten-free snacks and baking supplies, bulk nuts and seeds, local honey, artisanal cheeses, natural beauty care products like soaps and lotions made with botanical ingredients — the list goes on!

Other popular offerings include kombucha on tap from local breweries; frozen vegetables sourced locally or organically; farm fresh eggs in several sizes; hormone free dairy products; humanely raised meat options including organic poultry; handmade pasta sauces using seasonal ingredients from area farms; freshly baked breads featuring whole grain flours milled right here in Washington State ; a large selection of canned goods made without preservatives or GMOs – just about anything you need for healthy eating can be found at the Olympia Foods Co Op!

Olympia Food Co Op

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Olympia Co-Op Westside

The Olympia Co-Op Westside is a locally owned grocery store in Olympia, Washington. Offering organic and conventional products, this cooperative market strives to provide quality goods at affordable prices while also supporting the local community. With an emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, they offer fresh produce from local farms as well as bulk items such as nuts, grains, and dried fruits for those looking to reduce their waste footprint.

Additionally, the friendly staff are always available to answer questions or help customers find what they need!

Olympia Co Op Free Store

The Olympia Co Op Free Store is a free, volunteer-run store in the heart of downtown Olympia. The store provides clothes, books, and other goods to people in need at no cost. With the help of generous donations from local businesses and individuals, the Olympia Co Op Free Store is able to provide essential items for those who may not have access otherwise.

The mission of this organization is to build community resilience by connecting neighbors through sharing resources with dignity and respect.

Olympia Co Op Volunteer

The Olympia Co Op Volunteer Program offers an excellent opportunity for members of the community to get involved and make a positive impact. Volunteers have the chance to participate in various activities such as stocking shelves, helping with customer service, and taking part in special events. With their help, the Co Op is able to provide healthy food options to people from all walks of life while also giving back to the local economy.

Whether you’re looking for a way to give back or just want an excuse to meet new people, volunteering at the Olympia Co Op is sure to be a rewarding experience!


The Olympia Food Co-op is an amazing place for locals to find fresh, organic produce and more. From its family friendly atmosphere to its commitment to supporting sustainable local businesses, the co-op offers something for everyone. With its wide selection of quality products and knowledgeable staff, it’s no wonder why the Olympia Food Co-op has become a popular destination for people who value healthy eating.

Whether you’re looking to fill your pantry or socialize with other members of your community, you’ll find plenty of reasons to visit this unique market.

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