Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op is a grocery store and restaurant located in Downtown Sacramento, California. Founded in 1973, it has been providing natural and organic food to its customers for over 40 years. The mission of the Co-op is to provide access to healthy and affordable food from local sources while supporting sustainable practices throughout our region.

They offer a wide variety of products including produce, dairy, bulk items, groceries, supplements & vitamins, body care items and more. Their prepared foods are made with ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible. Additionally they have an extensive selection of vegetarian & vegan options as well as gluten-free products.

In addition to their retail operations they also host educational events such as cooking classes or nutrition workshops that aim at educating their customers on how best to nourish themselves with sustainably grown food without breaking the bank!

Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op is a great place to find fresh, organic, and delicious food! As one of the oldest health food stores in Sacramento, they have been providing natural and organic products since 1971. They offer an extensive selection of bulk items as well as local produce and prepared foods.

Their knowledgeable staff are always willing to help customers find what they need or answer any questions about their products. Whether you’re looking for ingredients for your next meal or searching for vegan-friendly snacks, you can count on Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op to provide quality options that won’t leave your wallet empty.


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What Types of Products Does the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op Offer

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op offers a wide variety of products to meet the needs of their customers. They carry organic and natural foods, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and poultry, breads and pastries, snacks and beverages. In addition to food items they also offer health and beauty care products such as vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and personal hygiene items like soap and shampoo.

The co-op has an extensive selection of bulk items where you can buy grains by the pound or get dried herbs in small quantities for just what you need. Other specialty offerings include local farm eggs from nearby ranches as well as locally grown produce when available. They also have a great selection of gluten free options for those who are trying to avoid wheat or other grains in their diet.

Finally they offer vegan alternatives to traditional favorites like burgers made with beans instead of beef so everyone can enjoy delicious meals without worry about animal ingredients or additives being used in processing them!

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op Offers a Wide Variety of Locally Sourced Organic Produce, Bulk Foods, Health And Beauty Items, Grocery Staples, And More

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op is a great resource for those looking to buy organic, locally sourced produce and other items. They offer a wide variety of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, bulk foods such as grains and nuts, health and beauty items like natural soaps and shampoos, grocery staples like eggs dairy products, condiments, snacks, baking supplies, beer & wine selections from local breweries & wineries. Plus they have a deli with freshly made sandwiches and salads all prepared with the freshest ingredients.

The Co-op also carries an array of national brands alongside their own in-house label which offers even more savings on groceries. Shopping at the co-op has many benefits; you get to support local farmers by purchasing their produce grown right here in Sacramento while getting access to healthy food options that are not available anywhere else. Additionally you help reduce your carbon footprint when you shop there since most of the food is already within close proximity reducing transportation cost & emissions associated with sourcing food from far away locations.

Last but not least it’s just fun shopping at the Co-op – its friendly staff make it easy for customers to find what they need quickly while providing helpful suggestions along the way!


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Is There Any Membership Required to Shop at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op

No, you do not need to become a member of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op in order to shop there. The store is open to everyone and offers a wide selection of organic produce, locally-sourced meat and dairy products, bulk goods, supplements and health & beauty items. The co-op also provides recipes and resources for living a healthier lifestyle.

Shopping at the co-op is an easy way to support local farmers and producers while stocking up on healthy groceries that are better for you and your family’s health. In addition, their prices are competitive with traditional grocery stores so you can save money by shopping here too! Plus, when you join as a member (it’s free!), you receive discounts on certain items throughout the store plus additional benefits like access to special deals from select vendors.

So if it fits into your budget or lifestyle then becoming a member may be worth considering – but it’s certainly not required in order to shop at this wonderful specialty market!

Yes, You Must Become a Member of the Co-Op in Order to Shop There; However, You Can Purchase a One Day Pass for $5 If You are Not Interested in Becoming an Official Member Yet

If you’re looking to shop at a co-op but not sure if you want to become an official member just yet, the good news is that there is a way for you to still get access. Co-ops usually offer one day passes for $5 which will give you access to all of the same products and services as members. This makes it easy for those who are interested in trying out the store before committing to becoming an official member.

With this option, individuals can browse around and decide if becoming a full member is right for them without any extra commitment or cost up front. Even better, these one day passes may include exclusive discounts on certain items so shoppers can take advantage of even more savings while they explore what the co-op has to offer!


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Does the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op Have Any Special Events Or Classes

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op is a great place to shop for all your organic and natural food needs. But the Co-Op does more than just provide healthy food options, they also host special events and classes that help their customers get educated about healthful eating and cooking. They have regular nutrition workshops where experts come in to talk about specific dietary topics, like veganism or gluten free diets.

They also hold monthly cooking classes led by renowned chefs who demonstrate how to prepare delicious meals with fresh produce from the store. And throughout the year, they organize community potlucks and outdoor barbecues so members can socialize while enjoying some tasty dishes made with wholesome ingredients. So if you’re looking for a way to learn more about preparing healthy meals or just want an excuse to gather with friends over good food, check out what’s happening at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op!

Yes! The Co-Op Hosts Regular Workshops on Topics Such As Nutrition Education And Sustainable Living Practices As Well As Community Potlucks And Other Special Events Throughout the Year That Promote Healthy Eating Habits And Environmental Sustainability Efforts in Our Local Area

The local co-op is a great resource for our community and its members, offering regular workshops on important topics such as nutrition education and sustainable living practices. These workshops are designed to help educate citizens about the importance of healthy eating habits and environmental sustainability efforts in our area. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for people to get involved with various events throughout the year that promote these same values.

From monthly potlucks to special gatherings centered around particular holidays or themes, there’s always something going on at the co-op that can benefit individuals looking to make positive changes in their lives and neighborhoods. Plus, all of these activities offer an added bonus of helping build a sense of connection among local residents who may not otherwise have a chance to meet one another. So if you’re looking for ways to stay informed about what’s happening in your own backyard while also participating in meaningful activities that will help improve the quality of life where you live – be sure to check out what your local co-op has going on!

Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op


Sacramento Co Op Membership

The Sacramento Co Op is a local grocery store that offers membership to individuals and families looking for access to fresh, organic produce and other goods. As a member of the Co Op, you receive discounts on many items throughout the store as well as exclusive deals only available to members. Other benefits include special events and workshops geared towards sustainable living and shopping locally.

Joining the Co Op is easy; simply fill out an application at your local store or online!

Co Op Sacramento Menu

Co Op Sacramento offers a wide variety of delicious and locally-sourced dishes. From their signature pizzas to salads, sandwiches, burgers and more, there’s something for everyone on the Co Op menu. All of their ingredients are sourced from local farmers markets or other small businesses in the area, ensuring that you’re getting fresh and tasty food every time you visit!

The Food Co+Op

The Food Co+Op is a community-owned and operated grocery store that provides healthy, local, organic food to its members. With a focus on providing locally grown produce and sustainable products, the Co+Op strives to make healthy eating accessible and affordable for all. Run by volunteers from the local community, shoppers can trust that their purchases are supporting their neighbors while also being part of an effort to reduce environmental impact.


The Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op is a great example of a local, sustainable business that puts the health and wellbeing of its customers first. With their wide range of organic and natural products, they provide an excellent opportunity for people to find healthy alternatives to processed foods. Furthermore, through their commitment to education and advocacy around food sustainability issues, they are helping to create positive change in the community.

The Co Op is truly setting an example for other organizations on how we can work together as a community towards making our world healthier and more sustainable.

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