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Portland, Oregon is a great destination for late night food lovers. From traditional street cart fare to upscale restaurants and bars offering gourmet food until the wee hours of the morning, you can find it all in Portland. For those looking for something unique there are plenty of options such as Japanese-style ramen eateries or Mexican taquerias with house-made salsas and tacos.

Whatever your style, there’s something here for everyone! Late night staples like pizza slices, burgers, hot dogs and gyros can be found almost anywhere downtown while more adventurous diners may choose from several Korean BBQ joints, seafood spots serving up fresh oysters and even vegan eateries offering tasty tofu dishes. Don’t forget to try one (or more!) of Portland’s famous food carts; they offer everything from Greek kabobs to Indian curries at prices that won’t break the bank!

So no matter what time of day or night it is in Portland , you’re sure to find a meal that will satisfy any craving.

Portland is a city that never sleeps, and luckily for its residents there is no shortage of late night food options. From traditional American diners to gourmet food carts, Portland boasts an array of great places to fill up after hours. Whether you’re looking for a greasy burger, some comfort food or something more exotic like Korean BBQ or Indian cuisine, Portland has it all!

So if you find yourself hungry after the sun goes down don’t worry – there are plenty of delicious late night eats in this vibrant city.

What Late Night Food Options are Available in Portland

When hunger strikes after dark, Portland’s vibrant culinary scene has plenty of options to satisfy your late night cravings. From classic diner fare to a variety of international eats and vegan-friendly dishes, there is something for everyone. For classic burgers, fries and shakes head down to the legendary Dan & Louis Oyster Bar located in Old Town Chinatown, said by many locals as the best late night spot in town.

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic try one of Portland’s food carts like Koi Fusion which features Asian-Mexican fusion tacos or The Dump Truck with their delicious Vietnamese sandwiches. You can also check out Pok Pok for some Thai inspired street food or Little Big Burger with their tasty sliders made from locally sourced ingredients – both locations stay open until midnight on weekdays and 3am on Friday/Saturday nights! And if you’re feeling brave then take a walk down Burnside Street where you’ll find an array of trucks serving up authentic Mexican cuisine like burritos, quesadillas and tacos all hours of the night.

Whatever your appetite desires – Portland has it all!

Where Can I Find the Best Late Night Food in Portland

If you’re looking for the best late night food in Portland, look no further than all of the great restaurants that stay open late. From cozy pubs and dive bars to classic diners and vegan hotspots, there is a huge variety of amazing places to grab a bite after hours. Some of our favorite spots include The Firehouse Restaurant which serves up delicious comfort food with an old-fashioned flair until 2am.

If you’re craving something unique, try Nong’s Khao Man Gai which specializes in Thai street food served up until midnight or later (depending on the day). For those who love Mexican cuisine, head over to Por Que No? Taqueria whose handmade tacos are available until 10pm every night.

Whatever your preference might be, there is definitely something for everyone when it comes to finding the best late night food in Portland!

Are There Any Delivery Services That Provide Late Night Food in Portland

Yes, there are several delivery services that provide late night food in Portland. Some of the most popular include Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Each offers its own unique selection of restaurants and menu items to choose from – ranging from local favorites like pizza and burgers to international cuisine such as Mexican and Chinese dishes.

All three services offer convenient ordering options through their websites or mobile apps, making it easy for customers to place orders anytime – day or night! With competitive prices and a wide variety of cuisines available, these delivery services make it simple to get your favorite foods delivered right to your doorstep regardless of the time. Whether you’re looking for something quick after a long day at work or want an exotic meal while watching a movie with friends – these companies have got you covered no matter what time it is!

Are There Any 24-Hour Restaurants Or Diners That Serve Late Night Food in Portland

Yes, there are several 24-hour restaurants and diners that serve late night food in Portland. The Lucky Lab Pub & Brewery is a great place to go for some after hours eats. They offer up traditional pub fare like burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.

For those looking for something a bit different they also have an amazing selection of creative pizzas with unique toppings like pesto or Mexican chorizo. Another great spot is the Old Town Pizza Parlor; here you can get classic Italian dishes such as lasagna and eggplant parmigiana along with their delicious pizza pies until 4am daily! A favorite of the locals is the original Stumptown Diner which has been serving hungry customers since 1932 – it’s open 24 hours a day so no matter what your craving may be you’re sure to find something on their extensive menu!

From Chinese takeout to American diner classics this place has it all. Whether you’re just out for a late night snack or in need of breakfast at midnight – Portland’s got plenty of spots awaiting your arrival!

What Types of Cuisine are Available for Late Night Dining in Portland

Late night dining in Portland is a great way to end the evening with delicious food. The city offers plenty of options for those seeking something delicious after hours, from traditional American fare to international dishes from many different cultures. With a diverse population and an ever-expanding restaurant scene, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city.

Whether you’re looking for Italian fare, Latin American flavors, or classic pub grub – you’ll find it all right here! Popular late night spots include Slappy Cakes (American diner), La Taqueria (Mexican street food), and Shalom Y’all (Israeli platters). For vegetarians and vegans alike, there are also plenty of options such as Off the Griddle Cafe (vegan) or Blossoming Lotus (raw vegan).

Whatever type of cuisine your heart desires – you can be sure that Portland has it covered when it comes to late night eating!

Late Night Food Portland


Late Night Food near Me

If you’re looking for late night food near you, there are many great options available! Whether it’s a pizza joint or an all-night diner, you can find the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. Many restaurants offer a variety of late night specials that are sure to hit the spot and give your evening a delicious finish.

For those who want something even more convenient, delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub can bring tasty dishes right to your doorstep.

Late Night Food Beaverton

Beaverton, Oregon is a great place to grab late night food! From pizza and burgers to tacos and ramen, you’re sure to find something delicious that will satisfy your after-hours cravings. Popular spots include Kaya Street Kitchen, Big’s Chicken Shack, El Paraiso Mexican Restaurant, and Slappy Cakes.

Whether you’re looking for takeout or dine-in options, Beaverton has plenty of eateries to choose from when it comes time for some late night grub.

Late Night Asian Food Portland

Portland is a great place for late night Asian food lovers! The city has plenty of eateries offering delicious late-night eats from all over Asia. From Korean BBQ to Thai curries, you can find something to satisfy your cravings no matter what time it is.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an entire meal, you’ll be able to find something tasty in Portland’s vibrant and diverse late-night Asian food scene.


Overall, Late Night Food Portland is a great resource for anyone looking for delicious food late at night. The website provides an easy to use directory of restaurants that are open late in the city and allows users to easily access information about each spot. With the help of this blog post, readers can now easily explore all their options when it comes to late-night dining in Portland.

Whether you’re looking for a unique experience or just something comforting and tasty, there is definitely something here to satisfy your cravings.

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