The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food is a brand of high-quality, all-natural pet food made with human grade ingredients. It contains no by-products, preservatives, or fillers and is grain free. The company sources its ingredients from trusted farmers in the US and Europe who use sustainable agriculture practices that are good for both people and the planet.

The products include dehydrated whole foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and fish plus vitamin supplements to ensure complete nutrition for your dog. All recipes provide balanced nutrition with natural proteins to help keep your pup healthy and happy. Additionally, they are easy to prepare; just add water!

The Honest Kitchen offers an all-natural line of dog food that is sure to keep your pup healthy and happy. All of their products are made from human grade ingredients, with no by-products or preservatives. Their recipes include whole foods like cage free chicken, duck, trout, and beef as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Best of all, The Honest Kitchen’s formulas contain added vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition!

Is There a Recall on Honest Kitchen Dog Food?

No, there is currently no recall for Honest Kitchen dog food. The company has a quality assurance program in place that maintains the safety and integrity of their products. All ingredients are tested to ensure they meet or exceed FDA standards for pet foods.

Additionally, Honest Kitchen follows the strictest of safety protocols with regards to sourcing and manufacturing processes as well as third-party testing of all final products before being released into the marketplace. As an extra precaution, each batch of product is monitored by its own unique traceability code which can be used to track it throughout its lifespan from production through delivery. This allows customers to rest assured that their pets are getting safe and nutritious food at all times.

Is The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Fda Approved?

No, The Honest Kitchen dog food is not FDA approved. This may be surprising to some pet owners who are used to seeing the stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on products they feed their pets. However, while the FDA does regulate pet food labels, it doesn’t actually approve or certify any specific brands of pet food as safe for consumption.

Instead, each manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that its ingredients meet federal standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The Honest Kitchen has gone above these standards by creating a system that meets human-grade standards in terms of ingredient quality and safety protocols. The company uses only whole foods with no preservatives, fillers or artificial colors/flavors like many other commercial pet foods do.

Additionally, all ingredients come from trusted sources and all recipes are tested in an independent laboratory prior to production—something not required by AAFCO regulations but done voluntarily out of commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Why is The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Sold Out Everywhere?

The Honest Kitchen dog food is a popular brand that has been flying off the shelves lately, leaving many pet owners struggling to find it. The reason why this product is sold out everywhere can be attributed to its quality and health benefits for dogs. Not only does The Honest Kitchen contain high-quality ingredients, but the company also ensures that their products are free of unnatural preservatives and fillers.

Furthermore, these products have been formulated in consultation with veterinarians and experts in canine nutrition so they offer balanced meals tailored specifically for dogs’ nutritional needs. This attention to detail makes it an ideal choice for pet owners who want something natural yet nutritious for their furry friends. Additionally, the taste of The Honest Kitchen’s dog food is another factor that contributes to its popularity as pets seem to love them!

All these factors combined make The Honest kitchen one of the most sought after brands on the market today—no wonder it keeps selling out!

Who Makes The Honest Kitchen Dog Food?

The Honest Kitchen is a San Diego-based pet food company that makes all natural and human grade dog food. Founded in 2002, the company’s mission is to provide the highest quality ingredient nutrition for pets using only the best ingredients. The Honest Kitchen uses human-grade ingredients from trusted suppliers with no byproducts or fillers.

All of their recipes are cooked at low temperatures for optimal nutrient retention and have been approved by an independent safety auditor. They also use non-GMO fruits & vegetables, organic grains, cage free eggs and hormone/antibiotic free meats from US farms they know and trust. Plus The Honest Kitchen has strict safety protocols to ensure their products are safe for your pup’s consumption every time!

Whether you choose grain-free options like Force or Embark, dehydrated raw diets like Thrive or Verve, freeze dried meals such as Love or Zeal – you can be sure your pup will love every bite of The Honest Kitchen’s delicious recipes!

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food


Where to Buy Honest Kitchen Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen is a popular health food brand that offers a variety of dog foods. Their products are made with whole-food ingredients, like cage-free chicken, organic vegetables and fruits, and free-range eggs. The Honest Kitchen’s unique process gently dehydrates the ingredients to make them as nutritious as possible for your pup.

You can purchase their products online directly from their website or through retailers such as Petco, Chewy, Amazon, and more!

Honest Kitchen Dog Food Recall

In April 2020, The Honest Kitchen voluntarily recalled one of their dog food products due to potential salmonella contamination. The affected product was the 4 lb boxes of the Verve, Zeal and Thrive varieties with a best by date of 10/25/2020. Customers were asked to discontinue feeding this product to their pets immediately and contact The Honest Kitchen for further details about how to proceed with returning or exchanging the affected items.

Chewy Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen produces all-natural, human grade pet food that is made with whole foods like cage-free chicken and organic oats. Their products contain no by-products or preservatives, so you can be sure your pet is getting the best nutrition possible. The Chewy Honest Kitchen offers a wide variety of recipes to suit any pets dietary needs, from grain free options to limited ingredient diets.

Plus, their high quality ingredients make it easy for your pet’s body to digest and absorb the nutrients they need for optimal health!


The Honest Kitchen Dog Food is a great choice for pet owners looking to give their furry friends the best nutrition possible. Its selection of whole-food ingredients and organic recipes make it a top pick for quality, human-grade dog food that will keep your pup healthy and happy. With so many delicious options to choose from, everyone’s sure to find something perfect for their pup!

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